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Dr. LaBriola, Dr. Haron, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Zadeh have each received extensive training and have years of experience in a wide variety of anesthetic techniques designed to make your surgical experience both safe and comfortable. Patients in good health may select techniques ranging from nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Patients having more complex procedures, such as multiple extractions or removal of impacted teeth, frequently prefer intravenous sedation and/or general anesthesia. Patients will be continuously monitored using the latest equipment, and our doctors are trained in basic and advanced life support. Patients requesting sedation/general anesthesia may not eat or drink for six hours prior to their appointment, and will need an escort present in the office to drive them home. When scheduling your appointment, please notify us of any medical problems or medications being used so that we can determine whether sedation/general anesthesia can be utilized.

What is local anesthetic?

An injection into the gum surrounding the tooth that numbs the surgical area, much like a routine anesthetic your dentist gives before a filling.

What is nitrous oxide-oxygen?

Sometimes referred to as “laughing gas,” this is designed to relax you for the procedure.

What is sedation?

For increased relaxation, you may be given a sedative (either in pill form or by IV).

What is general anesthesia?

In this approach, you are put to sleep completely during your surgical procedure. After a recovery period in our dedicated recovery area, you may go home. We require that an escort be present in the office to drive you home.

Will I need to take time off from work?

In most cases, it is necessary for patients to take off the day following surgery to recover. You should also avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Depending on the type of anesthetic used, you may be unable to drive for a period of time (12 hours for intravenous sedation and for 24 hours for general anesthetic).

Which offices offer anesthesia during oral surgery?

Anesthesia for oral surgery is offered at all three of our offices: Annandale, Manassas, and Woodbridge.

Three Convenient Locations to Serve You

We have three locations in the Northern Virginia area including Annandale, Manassas and Woodbridge. To find an office near you, click the link below.

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Our patients leave smiling


I had my wisdom teeth removed by dr.briola he did an amazing job and his staff. They knew i was nervous and they made me feel comfortable explained c everything before doing anything and after care was exception also. I had very little pain and i recommend this office to everyone. Thank you Dr. B AND STAFF.

Melinda M.

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Very happy with the service and professionalism of entire staff. I was able to get an appointment very quickly, procedure was explained clearly, expectations were met and overall experience satisfactory. Made new appointments for mi other children and already recommended your services to friends.

Vincent M.

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So friendly, professional and most of all, very welcoming with the very first warm smile of the office team once I stepped in the clinic! I loved Dr. Julia Jackson’s sense of humor, relieving my nurviousness, not mentioning her and her team’s outstanding listening to patient’s needs, and thorough understanding and support.

Ahmed A.

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Julia Jackson and her staff showed me great kindness. Had an emergency procedure that was taken care of the same day. Dr. Jackson personally called to check on me that same night. It’s comforting to know that there are still professionals that care about their patients. I highly recommend her if you’re in need of her services.

Joann C.

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Everyone at this office was so nice and accommodating. I got sent here from the Manassas office. Dr. Jackson was very detailed in going over the procedure and what to expect. Overall a great experience (well as great as getting your wisdom teeth removed can be)

Sindy A.

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The service was very professional and the doctor was very attentive. The dental assistants made me feel very comfortable because I was very nervous. The wait time was short and the procedure was short as well. They talked me through all the steps before and after my wisdom teeth removal.

Sara F.

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Team Woodbridge, Northern Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, Thank you so much for the great experience! Yes, great! From the first phone call until the end of my procedure (4 Wisdom Teeth extracted) – Nice, Professional, Friendly, Engaged, Sincere Care! THE BEST! God bless you all!

Myra M.

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Aside from not remembering much when I got my wisdom teeth pulled (which I completely appreciate), my experience was fantastic. Everything was very quick and thorough. The staff was very professional and provided great customer service. I felt like they were taking care of me.

Kari M.

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